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Safety Through Technology


About Extreme Fire Design


Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect lives and property and to exceed the quality and service standards expected by our customers in today's competitive business environment. Our goal is to be acknowledged as the best provider of fire protection services, while striving for sound growth and profitability.

Our vision is to provide our clients with reliable, cost effective fire protection and water based fire suppression systems, tailor-made for each specific project, is premised on the knowledge and vast experience of our technical team, linked to our ability to effectively utilise the latest available technology.

Extreme Fire Design Inc, is in the business of preventing the loss of life and preserving

property where we live, work, shop and play. We achieve this by designing, installing,

maintaining and servicing 100% effective fire detection and suppression systems.


We will differentiate ourselves from our competition by leading our industry with new and innovative technology, superior engineering, quality workmanship, and

extraordinary customer relationships. We will expand our role in our community by developing expertise in security and related systems.


We are recognised in the industry as being dedicated to highest level of safety, reliability

and effectiveness of special hazard fire suppression systems.


Complete Fire Design is at the forefront of fire engineering. The diverse experience, skills

and qualifications of our people enable the company to provide a level of expertise, advice, solutions and customer service that is second to none.


We demonstrate integrity, and we can be trusted. We always honor our word and our relative professional status is irrelevant.

Safety Through Technology

                 ....for the Long Term.

Safety Through Technology

                 ....for the Long Term.